M-PS (WS 2014/2015): Concepts of Programming Languages

Programming languages are our most sophisticated means for communicating with computers. Today there are thousands of them, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. In this course we examine some of the common and distinguishing properties of various programming languages with a special focus on how these properties are implemented (assembly code/machine language, memory layout, and runtime systems), and on how compilers and software tools can analyse software written in these languages to enable optimisations or other forms of program transformation.

Prior experience with C or assembly programming is strongly recommended, though supplementary materials are provided.



Lectures: 14:00--16:00 every Tuesday in Hörsaal 10, starting 14 October
Exercises: 14:00--16:00 every second Thursday in Neue Mensa 130, starting 23 October
Office hours: 13:30--15:30 every Friday, Robert-Mayer-Str. 10, room 210a
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Christoph Reichenbach (reichenbach (at) cs...)
Teaching Assistant: Krishna Narasimhan (krishna.nm86 at gmail dot com)
Language: English
Final Exam: Tuesday, 17 March, 10:00, H10 (100 minutes)